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TWI Crystal

Enabling Automated Ultrasonic Inspection

TWI Crystal™ is an advanced ultrasonic inspection package that enables automated Full-Matrix Capture (FMC), Virtual Source Aperture (VSA) and Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) inspection of industrial structures.

Our software provides an intuitive interface for advanced ultrasonic inspection techniques. TWI Crystal™ grants users high defect detection and sizing accuracy capability, offering real time automated inspection through planar or complex geometry structures. This broad capability allows it to be integrated into both in-services and production environments and offers solutions to a range of industrial sectors including nuclear, defence, oil & gas, aerospace and rail.

TWI Crystal™ Features

FMC, VSA and PWI Inspection Support

Offers advanced ultrasonic inspection techniques with in-depth process parameters offering high fidelity imaging.

Linear, Dual Linear and Dual Matrix Array Transducer

Allows users to perform inspection and develop procedures using linear, dual linear and dual matrix array transducers.

Multi-Mode Imaging

Provides full control over multiple inspection modes (pulse-echo, pitch-catch, self-tandem) and allows users control of individual sound paths to accommodate for mode conversion.

Complex Geometry Inspections

Uses conformable wedges and an adaptive-TFM algorithm for through weld cap and non-conventional surface profile inspections.

Single or Dual Transducer Configurations

Dual transducer inspection offer up-stream and down-stream inspection of welds, as well as pitch-catch inspection capability.

Inspection Calibration Routines

Provides users with ability to performed fully calibrated inspection

TWI Crystal™ Services

Custom software Solutions

TWI's agile software development team can provide customised software using modified versions of TWI Crystal™. TWI Crystal™ has been used in both commercial and R&D projects to provide unique inspection solutions.

Procedure development and qualification

TWI are experienced in supporting its clients with development of inspection procedures and qualification activities across a range of industrial Sectors.

Inspection Services

TWI has a fully qualified inspection team that can utilise TWI Crystal™ benefits and perform custom inspections for unique applications.

Application specific training

TWI offer generic and customer specific FMC training. For custom developed procedures, TWI offers unique training tailored to specific use cases.

TWI Crystal™ Benefits

Defect Detection

TWI Crystal™ offers high defect detection capabilities by providing users with advanced multi-mode imaging options including pulse-echo, pitch-catch, surface wave and self-tandem imaging.

Suitable for in-service and manufactured type flaw detection

TWI Crystal™ offers inspection capabilities in a range of in-service and production environments.

High Sizing Accuracy

TWI Crystal™ offers high sizing accuracy, underpinned through experimental trials and statistical analysis studies.

Real time scanning and data/image display

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated algorithms grant real-time processing and eradicate the need for post-processing.

Demonstration video


Crystal Training™ Courses

Standard training courses are offered on:

TWI Crystal™ - Application of FMC (3-day Training Course)

An extensive course covering FMC, VSA and PWI theory as well as practical TWI CrystalTM training. Suitable for individuals with phased array background knowledge.

TWI Crystal™ – Application Specific Training

A practical course tailored to individual customer requirements. Courses can be aligned with independent procedures and focus on specific inspection applications.

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TWI are are at the forefront of research in NDT. Much of this knowledge is used to improve the capabilities of the software. For a full list of papers that the TWI team have published please click the button below.