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Welding Coordinator support

Frequently asked questions

Can the system manage my consumables for me so that the welder cannot use incorrect consumables?

Not in the off-the-shelf system at the moment. This may be built into the off-the-shelf system in the future, or it can be built into a customised system.

Does Welding Coordinator include rules from application standards such ASME VIII?

Welding Coordinator is used together with Weldspec, Welderqual and NDTspec, which are compliant with the industry standard codes of ASME IX, EN288/287 and AWS D1.1, ensuring the data being entered is code compliant.

How many welds can I have in a project?

As many as you want. There is no theoretical limit. However, for convenience, if you have a project with thousands of welds, you should probably split the project into sub-projects.

Can I use the system for project stage payments?

Yes. The system automatically produces progress reports on welds completed and tested.

What does Welding Coordinator coordinate?

In Welding Coordinator, you can store engineering information (weld size, joint type, material, etc.), production information (WPS, welder, filler material, date of welding, etc.) and quality control information (NDE reports). You can also include sign-offs by weld and/or project.

If you require further help, please contact our Software Support Team.

Welding Coordinator video demonstrations

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Welding Coordinator introduction

Updating welder qualifications

How to keep welder qualifications in Welderqual updated directly from Welding Coordinator.

Paste bulk data

How to use the paste bulk data function to paste multiple entries into a datasheet.

Copy and paste

How to create multiple weld rows with a single operation.

Quality plan generation

How to generate a quality plan for automatic NDE assignment and lot management.